Trail-O — Bulletin 3 — Event Information


Riga Trail Orienteering Event Easter Prize

28 March 2016, Riga

Latvia Trail-O Ranking Event


Riga Trail Orienteering Event Easter Prize 2016

Bulletin 3 — Event Information


  • Event takes place on the Easter Monday – 28 March 2016


  • Riga, Imanta
  • Event Centre – Riga Imanta Secondary School (Kurzemes prospekts 158)
  • Map


According to the Trail-O rules there is no classification by age or gender.
  • PE: Paralympic Class – competitors who have some permanent physical disability (including hidden disabilities) which gives a significant disadvantage in Foot Orienteering competitions
  • AE: Open Class – any competitor regardless gender, age or physical ability.

Courses, Starting Order, Punching

  • Pre-O course, free starting order.
    • Starting interval – min 30 seconds.
    • Starting interval between teammates – min 2 minutes.
  • Needle punching on Trail-O control cards with competitor's own punch. Punches will be available at the start.
  • Course length 2.2 km 17 controls, maximum time allowed for the course 115 min (sprint competitors should be prepared for a shorter time for the Trail-O course). 


9:30 - 11:00 Arrival, registration (competitors are only allowed in the Event Center and Warm-up area before the start).
11:00 - 12:30 Start in free order
12:00 - 13:00
Start for Foot-O Sprint competitors who have entered also the Trail-O competition
14:15 Prize giving ceremony. To qualify for a prize, please, make sure to finish before 14:10

Terrain and Map

  • Terrain: residential area – multi-apartment houses, family houses, recreational areas
  • Map: made in 2015–2016, map specification  ISSOM-2007., scale 1:5000, contours 2m, size A4 (210x297 mm)

Dangerous Areas

  • Traffic will not be stopped during competition. When crossing the streets, please, make sure there is no traffic!
  • Riga City Council requirement - participants shall follow the traffic rules!


  • Open from 1 to 22 March (at 23:59) on the OK Mona web-page, or by e-mail:, or by phone +371-26551920 ask for Mārīte.  After 22 March - entries will be limited to the available vacancies.
    • The following information should be provided when entering: Country, Name and Surname, year of birth, class (PE or AE).

Entry Fee

Classes Regular entry fee, if paid on the day of competition Discounted entry fee, if paid by Bank transfer till 22 March Late Entry fee
PE (Paralympic Class) Free

€ 2.00
AE (Open Class) – juniors up to 19 € 2.50
€ 2.00
€ 4.00
AE (Open Class) – adults € 5.00
€ 4.00
€ 8.00
  • Regular entry fee – for competitors, who register till 22 Marchh, and pay entry fee on the day of competition by cash.
  • Discounted entry fee – for competitors who register and pay entry fee by bank transfer to the bank account of OK Mona till 22 March.
  • Late entry fee – for competitors who have missed the entry deadline of 22 March.
  • In the case of no-show, the entered competitors pay 50%.


  • to the winners of first three places in each class.

    Special Rules

    • Competitors participate at their own risk.
    • The Clubs shall arrange escorts for their team members who need physical assistance during competition, because of their disability.
    • Competitors are not allowed in the competition area before the start; competitors are only allowed in the Event Center and warm-up area before the start.
    • Competitors who have finished their courses may not contact competitors who have not started yet!

    Map sample


    • Indoor area for competitors, luggage room.
    • Car parking along the nearby streets. Please, follow the traffic rules.
    • Food – please, look for public cafes.

    Other Information

    • Foot-O sprint competition will take place at the same time.


    • Latvian Orienteering Federation, Association "Taciņa", and Orienteering Club MONA, co-financed by the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga Municipality.
      • Map and courses – Atis Rukšāns
      • Secretariat – Līga Rukšāne
      • Finish – Varis Bunga
      • E-mail for information on organisational matters:
      • E-mail for information on Trail-O matters:
    • Account details for payment of entry fee:
      • Beneficiary: Orientesanas klubs MONA, biedriba
      • Beneficiary's Reg.No: 40008022716
      • Account No (IBAN): LV24UNLA0050006006271
      • Bank: SEB banka
      • Bank code: UNLALV2X