Sprint – Additional Event Information


Riga Orienteering Sprint –
Easter Prize 2017

17 April 2017 Riga

Sprint Orienteering World Ranking Event – WRE


Riga Orienteering Sprint – Easter Prize 2017
Additional Event Information

Event Centre Schema

No spiked or studded shoes allowed in the building of Event Centre!

Warm-up / quarantine zone

Distance from the Event Centre to the warm-up / quarantine zone entrance 550m; please, follow the marked route.
When entering the quarantine zone, competitors will get the warm-up maps.
On the warm-up maps: 
  • quarantine zone entrance is shown as purple triangle
  • forbidden / competition area – purple vertical stripes (forbidden area is not marked in the terrain). 
  • pre-start – purple double-circle (distance from the competition centre to pre-start 1.3km)
WC in the event centre and pre-start area.
Warm-up clothes will be transported to the event centre.

Quarantine zone for elite classes

Elite class competitors shall register when entering the quarantine / warm-up zone.
If elite competitor returns to the event center, the registration is canceled, and the competitor shall register once again later.
For elite classes entrance into quarantine/warm-up zone is closed at 11:15. The late competitors will not be allowed to start

Course length

Measured around impassable features.
Class KM  Controls 
 ME 4.0 15
 WE 3.3 15
 M12 2.1 12
 M14 3.0 13
 M16 2.9 13
 M18 3.3 15
 M21 3.5  13
 M35 3.3 15
 M45 3.0 13
 M55 2.4 11
 M65 2.1 12
 M75 1.8 10
 W12 1.8 10
 W14 2.4 11
 W16 2.4 11
 W18  2.9 13
 W21 3.0 13
 W35 2.4 11
 W45 2.4 11
 W55 2.1 12
 W65 1.8 10
 W75 1.8 10
 DIR1 2.0 12
 DIR2 3.7 14


Made in 2016-2017. Scale 1:4000, contours 2m. Author: Atis Zariņš. Size A4 (21x29.7cm). Symbols ISSOM-2007.
Special symbols:
× (black cross) – sports and recreational structure (swing, playground structures, football gate);
× (green cross) – flower pot/bed.
Control descriptions – on the map, also available at the pre-start. Size of control descriptions 10-13 cm x 6 cm.


Distance from the event centre to pre-start 1.3 km, pre-start shown on the warm-up map with a purple double circle (finish sign). 
Pre-start time –3 min.
For open (DIR) classes free starting time between 11:00 and 12:30, please, see for a special DIR corridor.
From the start to the point where orienteering begins (purple triangle on the map) 70m marked route.

SPORTIdent punching

For elite classes

Punching with active cards SIAC – in contactless mode.
When entering the pre-start area: 
  • the competitor clears the card – station "Clear"
  • the start official initiates contactless mode of the competitor’s card – station "Check"
The punch takes place at the control and finish when the card is in the <30cm proximity of the station.
It is a competitor's responsibility to ensure that the electronic punch is in the card (optical and acoustical feedback signals). In the case of missing feedback signal the card should be placed into the station.

For age classes and open classes

Punching with any model of SPORTident (including SIAC) – in normal (contact) mode.
When entering the pre-start area the competitor clears the card – use station "Clear" (the station "Check" is not used).

Special Rules

It is forbidden to cross features marked on the map as impassable – fences, walls, flower beds, private territories etc.!

This rule applies also to features, which are physically passable. For example, a wall may be low from the one side (higher base level) – still forbidden to cross. It is prohibited to cross areas shown on the map as out-of-bounds (purple vertical stripes). Competitors, who will not obey these rules, will be disqualified.
Controls are located closely to each other, minimum distance between controls 20m. Please, be careful and check the control numbers!


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